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Dental Emergencies

Time-sensitive dental concerns like excessive bleeding, tooth pain, or a knocked-out tooth require immediate care for the best possible outcome. In some cases, waiting more than 30 minutes before seeking care can be the difference between saving or losing your tooth. We understand the importance of providing immediate treatment for your dental trauma. Seeing a dentist who provides emergency dentistry can give you confidence that your oral health will always be their top concern.


When is emergency dentistry needed?


Common dental emergencies include:

  • Knocked-out tooth

  • Persistent bleeding from your tongue, gums, or cheeks

  • Severe toothache

  • Objects piercing your gums or soft tissues

  • Loose permanent tooth

  • Swelling in your mouth, tongue, or gums Cracked tooth

  • Broken tooth

  • Lip laceration

  • Signs of infection or an abscess

If you experience any of these, call American Family Dentistry immediately to find out what steps to take. The office staff can give guidance on tooth-saving actions before you arrive at the practice.


Our office serves Scottsdale and Phoenix Metropolitan Area patients.

You can direct any questions to the office at
(480) 998-4867.

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